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#1 Financier of MA Brownfields Tax Credits 8 years running

brownsfields redevelopmentDorfman Capital makes brownfields redevelopment easy and economically attractive, enabling our clients to prosper as they rejuvenate communities.

We secure the largest possible tax credits and guide investors and developers through the financing process. With our supportive infrastructure and extensive connections, we help our clients break through bottlenecks and keep projects moving forward.

Brownfields are sites that have been contaminated by former industrial or commercial use. They are often in or adjacent to urban areas, and their redevelopment offers extraordinary opportunity to developers and communities alike.

Brownfields redevelopment can be trickier than building on greenfields, since they require cleanup efforts, however these sites typically offers two benefits unmatched by greenfields: location and heritage.

Brownfields can provide developers with large plots in prime locations, enabling them to take advantage of greater proximity to the twin engines of urban economies, namely density and diversity. Communities also profit from brownfields redevelopment, as it activates dead space and reinvigorates entire neighborhoods. Because of its numerous benefits, brownfields redevelopment is eligible for many state and federal tax credits.

In 2009, Dorfman Capital formed a joint venture with New England Economic Development (NEED) – Economic Development Incentives, Inc. (EDI) – to specifically serve real estate owners who develop brownfield sites and are eligible for Brownfields Tax Credits. EDI has qualified more than 125 projects for Brownfields Tax Credits representing over $210 million of tax credits originated and sold.

Visit EDI for more information about MA Brownfields tax credits: www.mabrownfieldstaxcredit.com

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